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In its simplest form, litigation refers to the process of taking legal action against a perceivable violation of the law. This involves the process of preparing a lawsuit and continuing with its proceedings inside and outside of court. For those who initiate litigation, the process spells out a daunting situation while also disrupting their important commitments in life. For those at the other end of the process, going through litigation becomes stressful and poses different risks for their present and future. 

At MSN, our highly qualified attorneys specialize in handling various legal claims. Whether you are vying to settle a proposed legal action or planning to try a case to verdict, our seasoned lawyers can help you achieve your objectives. Our team of Alabama trial and transactional attorneys has a broad range of knowledge and experience. We draw from each others’ experiences to provide our clients with a greater level of support.

Business Litigation Services in Birmingham, AL

Corporations and individuals alike sometimes find themselves in lawsuits ranging from small claims lawsuits to multi-million dollar claims. Other types of cases may include divorces, real estate disputes, lawsuits involving business partners, personal injury claims, and employment disputes, to name a few. We have many seasoned litigators who will go to court with you, regardless of whether you find it necessary to use the legal system to enforce your rights or be sued by someone else. In most cases, it is advantageous to be represented by a lawyer whether litigation is instituted by you or against you to have your rights fully explained to you and help you navigate through the legal system.

At Massey, Stotser & Nichols, we understand the importance of small to medium-sized businesses and the challenges business owners go through to keep them running. We also know that partners can have disputes over operating the business and other affairs. Shareholders may file suits against the company. And the business may suffer setbacks that result in bankruptcy and dissolution.

Our business litigation and transactional attorneys are committed to our clients. With 40+ years of experience, we have the knowledge and legal expertise to resolve your case and reach favorable solutions. We conduct business dispute cases in Birmingham, Alabama, and throughout the Southeast. Whether you seek a lawyer to assist with daily transactions or seek counsel for a partnership dispute, we will handle your case with professionalism.

Navigate Litigation with Help from MSN Attorneys

There are many scenarios where dealing with litigation becomes unavoidable for the parties involved. If you are the one bringing up the legal action, you might be motivated with the goal to establish your legal right in or out of court. If you are the party facing the legal claim, the objective of protecting your reputation and legal standing is enough to drive you through the process. 

With extensive experience in handling litigation for various aspects, our team at Massey, Stotser & Nichols can help you through both ends of these legal actions. From assessing the strength of possible legal claims to delivering the advice of trying them to verdict, our attorneys are there to guide you through every step. Through our seasoned team of litigators and trial attorneys, you can rest assured that your litigation goals are being met with the support of qualified experts. 

With our set of skills, specialized experience, and knowledge of local and state laws, our full-service law firm, comprised of a team of lawyers and litigators stands right beside you through complex challenges. This allows us to support you during the pre-lawsuit phase of litigation while also enabling us to help you with the ongoing proceedings of trying your case in court. 

Civil Case Lawyers Ready to Handle Your Challenges

Excellent handling of litigation challenges calls for a holistic approach. In addition to applying the knowledge of relevant laws to the given scenario, your legal team should also be equipped to argue for your perspective during settlement considerations. Above all, your hired attorneys should have enough experience to provide strong legal representation during a possible trial. Due to this reason, our MSN team offers a comprehensive legal solution that delivers complete support during litigation.

Pre-lawsuit processes – Our team analyzes the legal claim’s strength and considers the next possible steps for it. This is the foundational step for considering the fate of a potential lawsuit. Our attorneys handle this prospect with the utmost care to help you achieve your goals. Once the respective claim is filed with the court, we continue to represent your interests while the lawsuit proceeds to the discovery phase.

Discovery procedures – The discovery phase includes (but is not limited to) the collection of evidence and statements. Interviews or depositions are also a part of the process. This process helps either party prove the strength of the claim, with the settlement or trial proceedings following next. Our experts also remain there to support you with the process. 

Settlement processes – Afterward, the process to propose and analyze settlement comes into the picture. To help you attain your goals, our team prepares and delivers formidable arguments to increase your chances of achieving your ideal settlement. If a settlement is not possible or if you wish to try the case in court, our attorneys focus on moving forward to the next phase.

Trial – The respective claims and sets of evidence are presented to the court, where a judge decides the claim’s fate. Since it is one of the most critical parts of litigation, our attorneys make it a point to offer strong legal representation and arguments. 

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No matter the trial outcome, our legal experts continue to support you through the resulting verdict, paperwork, and respective processes. Our litigation team leverages a breadth of experience and firm grasp on civil law to help clients manage various litigation issues. Whether you are considering filing a lawsuit or need help during an ongoing case, our legal services can provide you with the assistance you require. So whether you are dealing with a commercial litigation matter, employment issue, business dispute, or require general legal counsel, contact MSN’s experienced corporate attorneys today.


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