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Are you thinking of settling down and buying or leasing a home? Want to develop, sell, or rent out a house? If so, make sure you get the best real estate lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama. Our job is to understand Alabama’s real estate space and laws, and we can help you make the best decisions while abiding by the law.

We advise home sellers, home buyers, commercial property sellers/ buyers, landlords, tenants, contractors, brokers, and developers. We represent individuals, along with corporate clients, in all matters associated with residential real estate. Since establishing our practice in 1977, we have been instrumental in guiding thousands of individuals through the residential closing process. We prepare and file all necessary documents, review buy/sell agreements, and negotiate real estate contracts. Our attorneys advise clients on 1031 exchanges to protect equity investment gain. We even attend the closing to ensure that all of the planning that went into the real estate transaction results in a successful purchase.

Besides governing the buying, selling, renting, and development of real property, real estate law also entails property taxes, estate planning, deed and lease agreements, zoning, etc. Real estate laws will usually vary with the state and local government. These laws will usually cover how the land can be utilized, depending on how it’s zoned. 

Why Do You Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

Alabama is one of the few states that mandates retaining an attorney to take care of the necessary documentation during a real estate transaction. Therefore, you’re required by law to seek counsel when buying or selling a residential or commercial property. However, attorneys can help you navigate through real estate laws can be specific to geographic areas and as ever-changing as the fluctuating real estate market.

The purchase or sale of real estate represents one of the most significant transactions clients encounter, and any errors during real estate transactions – including during closing documentation – can bring up risky, time-consuming, and costly disputes later. Our Alabama real estate attorneys are committed to safeguarding the interests of our clients throughout the entire closing process. 

When to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

While it’s not always mandatory to have an attorney in some transactions, it’s typically advisable in situations including:

  • Needing advice regarding mortgage options.
  • Refinancing mortgages. 
  • Navigating disputes between tenants and landlords.
  • Closing a buy or sale agreement for residential or commercial real estate.
  • Drafting real estate agreements.

How Our Real Estate Lawyers Can Help

Our real estate lawyers can help you negotiate deals, prepare and review contracts, and navigate closings relating to property purchase agreements, mortgages, titles, and transfers. For example, when you pay for a property and it’s formally transferred to you, our attorneys can ascertain that the process is completed legally with your interests safeguarded.

Furthermore, our real estate lawyers can create your property documents, craft title insurance papers, finish title searches on properties, and manage money transfers during a property purchase. Our lawyers will take care of all the necessary documentation if the purchase is financed. When property conflicts arise, such as lot line issues, chain of title, and other contractual problems, our attorneys can help.

Last but not least, one of our attorneys can offer legal representation to you, as a buyer or seller, when you have business litigation related to your property in court. Your real estate lawyer will acquire information from both conflicting sides to ensure a favorable resolution is realized. For example, your lawyer might decide to hire a surveyor or title firm to clarify various unclear property facts.

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