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Running a business in Birmingham, AL, (or anywhere in the country) is a tough job, especially when the products or services you provide are not expected to be paid in full by your clients immediately. Unfortunately, there are situations where the remaining balance of a client’s bill is not completely paid, but the revenue from that bill is obviously needed to maintain the success of your business. Paying for the building and real estate you run your business from, inventory, salaries of your employees, and a host of other expenses all rely on the full payment of balances from your clients.

In these cases, you have a few options.

1. You can send out letters to these clients requesting payment. Reminders like these are useful, but they may not get the job done in the same way as something with more authority can.

2. You can hire a debt collection agency to take over the account and begin the process of debt collection through their means.

3. Finally, you can hire a debt collections lawyer to provide you with the legal representation and counsel needed to ensure the account is paid and your business remains successful. This may result in court hearings, but your collections lawyer is able to handle the case on your behalf.

Debt Collection Lawyers in Birmingham, AL

We provide quality, personalized debt collection services to local businesses – such as banks and credit unions – whose clients have not meet their financial obligations and represent their best interests in debt collections court. Our collections lawyers are well-versed in all aspects of business law, and we are dedicated to efficiently helping you recover debts owed to your business.  

What Do Collections Lawyers Do?

Business law and dealing with the Birmingham courts system can be very difficult, and it can be a challenge to ensure all paperwork is properly filed in a timely manner. Hiring debt collection lawyers to represent your business with their experience in professional legal services, enables you to focus on your business while we ensure your cases are handled properly.


Many people think of debt collection agencies as their go-to option for actually getting clients to pay the balance on their accounts. However, these agencies use an automated phone or computer system to make attempts at debt collection. Once the debt is paid, they will typically charge you either a flat fee or a percentage of the debt owed. They cannot sue a client or use the courts to persuade clients to pay their debts. That’s where a Birmingham, Alabama, debt collection law firm wins the day. Contacting a legal team for a free consultation to discuss your case will show you the many benefits of a debt collections lawyer.


Debt collections lawyers in Birmingham have the ability to also send letters and make phone calls to your customers as a method of getting them to pay their fair debt off, but they also have the power of the law and the legal system. They can take legal action against debtors and file a debt collection lawsuit in the courts. Much like a personal injury attorney is on your side, collections lawyers work to ensure the debt is paid. It is easier for clients to ignore collections agencies since they do not have the ability to take legal action. 

Contact Our Experienced Debt Collection Law Firm

If you are a local Birmingham business seeking assistance with debt collection, contact us for a case consultation. Let’s discuss next steps for recovering the financial obligations owed to your business so you can continue being successful.


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