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Our family law attorneys deliver experience from successfully navigating thousands of cases and a depth of knowledge regarding Alabama’s state laws related to child support, property distribution in divorces, and child custody options. 

What is Family Law?

Let us start with the basics and genuinely understand what family law is all about in Alabama. Family law is a field in the legal world that focuses on issues concerning family and its relationship. These issues can range from adoption, child support, and child custody to divorces, restraining orders, possession of marital properties, child custody, or divorce.

Attorneys or lawyers in family law represent their clients in court proceedings by drafting negotiations and implementing actions that favor their clients. Family lawyers can either specialize in a specific family issue such as divorce or specialize in multiple family problems.


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

ADR methods can be leveraged in family law disagreements including child support and alimony, child custody, and property division. These options deliver a more amicable option for settling required issues before a judge will consider granting a divorce. Resolving spousal disputes with ADR enables both parties to: maintain more privacy, minimize court and attorney’s fees, and potentially shorten the divorce timeline by avoiding lengthy litigation.

Child Custody

27% of children under the age of 21 in the United States are children of single parents. This means that there were over 8 million custody cases in the US. Child custody is the legal custody that describes the relationship between a child and a parent or between children and both parents. The primary reason for child custody is the annulment of marriage between two parents. Other reasons could be the death of a guardian or adoption.

Child Support

In 2015, over $30 billion was owed in child support in the United States. This means over $5000 of child support fees are paid per year. Child support is the continued financial support for a child paid by a parent (obligor) to another parent (obligee) over some time. This is majorly caused by marriage annulment.


In 2019, more than 750,000 divorces occurred in the US, making marriage dissolution - or divorce - the most common family law case. It is the legal process whereby a judge dismisses the bond of matrimony between two people who were already registered under the law as married couples. This dissolution transforms the formerly married persons into single people.

Property Settlements

Alabama law requires equitable distribution of marital property during a divorce. The process begins by categorizing property as separate - typically inheritances, gifts, or pre-marital assets - or marital assets. Those deemed marital assets then need a valuation to ensure equitable distribution. MSN’s attorneys are available to counsel you through the division of real property, business property, pensions, and stock options - while considering the potential long-term financial impacts.

Why Choose MSN as Your Family Lawyers

Our firm has been serving the needs of Alabama families for more than 40 years. Through a comprehensive understanding of marriage termination laws, we empower our clients to take control of their family law situations. Contact our family law attorneys, and we’ll listen to your concerns, provide you with information, and offer options designed to help you make wise decisions.


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