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Construction Litigation Services

Construction projects involve remodeling, renovating, or constructing infrastructure, structures, or buildings. Additionally, construction projects require a significant amount of time, finances, and resources. Even making a family home demands the coordination of skilled workers to create a structure as per the client’s specifications. There are many tasks beyond the construction site that need to be performed to handle any issues that may arise and ensure that structures are well built. 

Our Birmingham construction lawyers have more than 40 years of experience in helping developers, engineers, material suppliers, contractors, architects, and subcontractors with various legal issues. The construction industry is complicated due to the financial factors, the number of stakeholders involved in each project, and the number of regulations controlling the industry.

Working with a contractor in Birmingham, Alabama, can be stressful. This is because a contractor can walk away from your project if he or she wishes. A contractor can fail to complete a project, or a contractor can fail to accurately estimate job completion times, causing you to fall behind schedule. 

Our construction attorneys will provide a free consultation that examines the state of your business. Also, they can advise you on measures you can take to make it more efficient, profitable, streamlined, and set it apart from other contractors and subcontractors in  Alabama.

Common Causes of Construction Litigation

While working in the construction field and related practice areas, we’ve discovered that construction litigation is caused by: 1. Construction quality – If construction is not up to par, the structure can potentially injure visitors. 2. Construction delays – The greatest stressors on job sites for contractors, subcontractors, and owners, construction delays are typically caused by timelines for materials, noise restrictions, inclement weather, and so on. 3. Personal injuries and workers’ compensation – We have noticed that even though there is an increase in safety protocols in construction sites, incidents still occur on construction sites. Protect your business from litigation and eliminate incidents on construction sites with MSN. We work with your company to develop ways through which you can mitigate risk and protect laborers. We offer a free consultation to discuss how to implement solid safety programs that will keep your team safe and informed.

MSN should be on your radar because we specialize in construction litigation services that cater to companies and individuals in Birmingham, Alabama. Our construction mediation and litigation practices provide a comprehensive set of analysis, forensic, and investigative services.

With construction litigation, every second is crucial because, without a skilled attorney on your side, chances are you will likely receive an unfavorable solution to your dispute. If you are in Birmingham, Alabama, and need litigation resolution, MSN attorneys are here for you. We are here to use our years of experience to assist you and build your case. We will also ensure that you receive legal services from a construction lawyer that can seamlessly handle your case.

If you are overseeing a construction project in Birmingham, Alabama, your construction team will likely face stakeholders’ pressure. Suppose you do not have a strong team of construction litigation attorneys backing you up. In that case, you are likely to be held liable for property or personal damages that occur during your project.

It does not matter which state you are in; MSN Attorneys will partner you with a construction lawyer that has a great understanding of the legal process and the construction industry. As such, our lawyers can effectively communicate the issues of your case, which helps address your needs.

Construction Litigation Expertise Areas

Dispute Resolution

Since the establishment of MSN, we have noticed that each construction project in Birmingham, Alabama, must have a minor or major dispute. Even though most disputes can be settled promptly, that is not what always happens. Our lawyers can resolve all kinds of conflicts through several means, including arbitration and mediation. Moreover, our lawyers will explore all options on your behalf, and if your dispute needs litigation, we will belligerently defend your rights.

OSHA Violation Defense

Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA violations can reflect badly on your reputation, cost you your job, and bring about financial repercussions. Our construction attorneys are well versed when it comes to the OSHA inspection process and are experienced in defending clients in Birmingham, AL, that OSHA has cited.

Contract Review

All companies in Birmingham, AL, operate around contracts. The contract process is vitally important as it determines what companies can and cannot do. It is advisable to have our professional attorneys construct a contract or review your existing agreements to ensure that your interests are safeguarded.

Specific Construction Litigation Services

MSN provides quality construction litigation services to all persons and entities in Birmingham, Alabama. Our construction lawyers help our clients navigate the litigation process. Our lawyers also analyze all disputes to understand our clients’ situations better and come up with the best solutions that will yield the best outcome for your case.

We are more than happy to support you through all stages of the litigation process. Even though you may prefer to work in situations that do not call for our construction litigation services, we want you to know that you can count on our construction litigation lawyers who offer personalized services to each client in Birmingham, AL.

Our aptitude to resolve the construction needs of Birmingham, AL’s populace is brought about by our litigation services, including:

  • Arbitration support
  • Discovery support
  • Field investigations
  • Litigation consulting experts

Practice Areas

Our Birmingham construction lawyers boast of comprehensive and sophisticated construction law practice for more than 40 years. Our law firm regularly represents general and subcontractor residential and commercial contractors together with their liability insurers in various practice areas.

Litigation matters – These include trial, appellate, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution proceedings to persons and entities in Birmingham, AL.

General corporate matters – These include contract analysis, interpretation and drafting, liens, employment, regulatory issues, and federal statutory compliance such as wage and hour and immigration, and other business transactional matters.

Insurance matters – These include providing procurement of coverage, risk management, and risk-shifting mechanisms such as contractual indemnity and additional insurance coverage to persons in Birmingham, AL.

Estate planning – MSN provides a comprehensive set of estate planning services. Our lawyers understand testacy laws and have set themselves apart as champions in estate planning. Our lawyers give you advice on how to best transfer, conserve, and manage wealth, including income, gift, and estate. Our lawyers also guide you on transferring property interests, including real estate, employee benefits, closely-held corporations, and other investments.

Peace of Mind with MSN Attorneys

Please request a consultation to share situational specifics and discuss our recommended next steps to protect your construction company.


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