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The relationship between employers and employees can be complicated, and both employers and employees must understand their rights and obligations to each other. Many factors determine the rights and obligations which govern an employer-employee relationship. Some of these include the company’s size, how long the employee has been employed, the employee’s job description, the contents of an employee handbook, and whether or not the employer and employee have entered into a specific contract for employment.

MSN Attorneys has a broad range of experience representing both employers and employees concerning what their respective rights and obligations are in a specific employment situation, whether the issue is discrimination, wage and hour, Fair Labor Standards Act, at-will employment, on the job injuries, or other problems which can arise in employment law.

It is often advantageous to have an attorney review your specific employment issue based upon all relevant factors to answer your questions and determine how best to handle situations that often arise in the employment context.

Protect Your Business from an Employment Lawsuit

A skilled employment lawyer can help employers with various work-related and employment issues, educate employers about the federal and state laws applicable to their corporations and businesses, and prepare agreements and contracts with employees. Additionally, employment attorneys may also educate employers about the regulations and their obligations in connection with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other related federal agencies, including consequences in the event of non-compliance. Employers would need an employment attorney in these situations present below.

Employee terminations – Before firing an employee for bad behavior, misconduct, or performance issues, you should consider getting legal counsel, especially if you think the employee might take legal action. An attorney will look into your legal standing in firing the worker and help you minimize the event of a lawsuit. 

Policy changes – An employment lawyer can help review your decisions, especially when it would impact many employees, like firing an employee, changing pension plans, or halting a benefit. They can recognize the potential problems and advise you on how to prevent them.

Legal representation – Reach out to your lawyer immediately if a former or current worker sues you. Acting directly preserves the needed evidence and ensures that your rights are protected. The time frame for legal action is usually short. Get an employment lawyer immediately after you receive a lawsuit notice.

Reviewing contracts – A lawyer can help review employment-related releases or agreements you co-sign with your workers routinely. They can also help check through your contract to ensure it meets the required legal terms and spots the issues that may result in a problem in the future if it’s against the law. Moreover, a lawyer can counsel you on when to use the contracts. For instance, you may want an employment contract with new employees or severance to departing workers.  

Although some employers handle their administration, it’s best to hire or consult a lawyer for professional advice, at least in dealing with employee’s claims, presenting evidence, or running an agency investigation.


In essence, competent legal professionals can comply with labor standards, civil rights laws, and employer-employee relations regulations. The current business environment is quite litigious, and it is certainly essential to avoid an employment lawsuit. Recall that a business can not be effective if it is continuously mired in legal matters and fines.


Many businesses are slapped with employment lawsuits without even knowing that a violation has occurred. Therefore, you must consult an experienced Birmingham employment lawyer who will review existing handbooks, procedures, and policies that govern employment relations. An employment lawyer who understands employment law can provide free consultation on the matter and then move forward in a viable manner with legal services performed to address your legal situation.


Remember that you should speak to an employment lawyer for assistance if you have an employment-related issue or to be sure you comply with the federal, state, or local laws regulating employment. Depending on the subject, your attorney can represent you legally and prevent the risk of a lawsuit.

How Employment Law Professionals Can Help Employees in Birmingham, AL

Have you been unjustly fired from work, denied employment, discriminated against, or owed unpaid wages? Unfortunately, if you wish to claim against your employers for inappropriate workplace actions, you may not be taken seriously if you lack substantial legal representation. An employment lawyer, however, would help. Here are some ways employment lawyers can help in your workplace issues:

Understanding The Claims Process

A well-trained employment attorney understands the necessary actions involved in filing the lawsuits and the stipulated deadline. A vital part of this process is the compilation and submission of all documents before the deadline. Failure to comply with deadlines after filing a suit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) could lead to the lawsuit’s nullification.  

Whether you are seeking assistance with employment law due to the Fair Labor Standards act and more specific aspects in construction law, sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, the family medical leave act, employment contracts, or other matters, we can certainly be there to assist you and provide you with the right counsel.

An Employment Law Firm Gives You an Advantage

Using the services of a professional employment attorney provides you with an edge since you now have someone skilled looking out for your protection, interests, and rights. They can provide legal advice on legal issues and help you move forward effectively.


Moreover, an employment lawyer can help you tackle complicated court processes. Discovery, one of such proceedings, where the lawyer questions the witnesses could give you an edge during the trial. Statements obtained in discovery are often used during the trial. Depending on the claimed fact, you could have significant leverage.  

Depending on the location, there are different federal and state employment laws. An experienced employment lawyer can help break down the complex employment laws and clarify which rule applies to your case. They can also provide the necessary information and guide you in taking the appropriate action.

Value Add Of Employment Lawyers in Birmingham, AL

Employment law professionals understand the lay of the land and can guide the party that they are defending or representing through employment law matters with ease. Recall that employment-related disputes between employees and employers, such as discrimination, harassment, leave, wage, and hour issues, are usually resolved out of court. 


However, without a clear course of action, they may involve a jury. If you are in this position, you need the services of a skilled lawyer who is ready to oversee your case to a trial. Also, since employment regulations are constantly changing, it’s best to have a knowledgeable employment lawyer who briefs you about changes over time that may positively impact your case, represent and support you.

Contact Our Skilled Alabama Employment Dispute Lawyers

Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of state and federal employment laws and significant trial experience. This is a proven combination for producing effective results in employment litigation. Another preventive measure to consider is implementing a definitive hiring and termination policy that is compliant with industry-accepted standards. Careful planning can help bring focus to your business environment and, most importantly, help your company avoid expensive and time-consuming business litigation. Let’s talk about your next steps. 


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