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Benefit of Expungement in Alabama

We all make and have made mistakes, after all, we are human. However, some mistakes are bigger than others in which you may pay a higher cost for your mistakes, such as when you are convicted of a crime. When you have been convicted of a crime, not only may you go to jail, but  your job and housing can also be impacted. 

Second chances in the form of expungement in Alabama are dependent on the type of conviction you have. 

Who is Eligible for Expungement in Alabama?

Getting your record expunged is a process in which a prior criminal conviction is taken from your criminal record and, in most instances, is deemed unavailable to the state or federal government. According to Alabama expungement law, only certain cases may have the record expunged (which is a step up from the status prior to this law when there was not an option to get your record expunged in Alabama)

Generally, to be considered for an expungement in Alabama:

  • the criminal charge must be a misdemeanor or nonviolent felony,
  • the charge was dismissed,
  • you were not found guilty of the crime,
  • you successfully completed a drug or mental health program, or
  • the charge was no-billed by the Grand Jury.

Alabama law also details several case-specific guidelines.

  • If a case was dismissed without prejudice because it can be filed at a later date, there must be a two-year waiting period before filing an expungement proceeding.
  • Misdemeanors, traffic citations, and municipal ordinances violations can be expunged.
  • Certain restrictions apply for felony cases to be expunged.

Due to these nuances in Alabama’s expungement law, seek legal representation to form the best strategy prior to beginning the process of attempting to get your record expunged.

Need Legal Counsel to Help with Your Expungement in Alabama?

Getting a conviction expunged from your record is a huge achievement and typically eases some of the associated burdens, whether personal or professional. The Massey, Stotser, & Nichols team is ready to help you with your case. 


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