Jefferson County Homestead Tax Exemption Benefits Homeowners Aged 65+

Jefferson County homestead tax exemption

Are you 65 years of age or older? Do you own and occupy a home in Jefferson County? Act now to take advantage of Jefferson County homestead tax exemption If so, then you are eligible for a homestead tax exemption from the State of Alabama’s portion of taxes that have been included in your real […]

Comparing Force Majeure & Change in Law Clauses

change in law clause

Both force majeure and change in law clauses are designed to afford protection for parties entering into contracts. How do they differ, and does your business require one or both in its commercial contracts? We’ve discussed force majeure clauses, so let’s begin with a brief overview of change in law clauses. The Basics: Change in […]

4 Best Practices for Force Majeure Clauses in Commercial Contracts

Force majeure provisions should be unique like snowflakes.

What is a Force Majeure Provision? The term force majeure literally translates from French to English as “superior force”  and is commonly referred to as an “act of God”. According to Black’s Law Dictionary, the provision “is meant to protect the parties in the event that a contract cannot be performed due to causes which […]

How to File for Child Support in Birmingham, AL

file for child support al

Six Steps to File for Child Support Raising a child can be the most fulfilling job in the world. But, on the other hand, it might take a toll on you, more so financially, as the child will need a good education, food, clothing, health services, and so on. That’s why the government has laws […]

Factors to Know About Alabama Marriage Laws

Alabama marriage laws

What Should You Know about Alabama Marriage Laws? Tradition is such a big thing in Alabama marriages. Did you know that in more than 50% of Alabama weddings, the bride’s family foots the bill? In addition to most commonly holding traditional church weddings, Alabama brides often follow the Southern tradition of having large wedding parties […]

3 Facts about Alabama Postnuptial Agreements

Alabama postnuptial agreements

3 Facts about Alabama Postnuptial Agreements Marriage is a legal contract. Many people do not look at it that way, but at the end of the day, marriage is a legal transaction. You enter into a contract with another person to be legally wed for the duration of your life, or until you both decide […]

How Do Alabama Stepparent Adoptions Work?

alabama stepparent adoption

Your Alabama Stepparent Adoption Questions, Answered Many couples think that after a divorce is finalized, all family issues are resolved. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes as people move forward in their new life after divorce, circumstances change – such as when a remarriage leads to a blended family. Those in this situation […]

Alabama Order of Protection

orders of protection alabama

The Basics: Alabama Order of Protection Domestic violence is a serious problem throughout the entire country. Statistics show that almost 20 people per minute are abused by an intimate partner. That’s more than 10 million men and women being abused every year – many of which can find it difficult to leave the situation. One […]