The Basics of Premises Liability

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Every land or property owner owes a duty of care to visitors of the property to protect them from injuries, or not do anything to contribute to the potential chance of injury. The level of care depends on the type of visitor in question. In Alabama, there are three different categories visitors to land or […]

How Long do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim?

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No one expects to be in an accident or to have some other injury occur to him or her, but these things do occur. When they do, you should be compensated for whatever injury you have incurred. When you are injured at the fault of another, you have two options – file suit or not […]

When Passengers Are Injured In An Auto Accident

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When you get into a vehicle with your friends or family members, you are probably thinking about your destination or the conversation that you will have with your loved ones on the way to your destination. Your first thought may not be whether or not you will get into an accident and become injured while […]

What to do the Day After an Accident

When you are in an accident, it is fair to say that you are overwhelmed and possibly disoriented. Because of this, there may be information that you fail to get and receive during this hazy period to make an insurance claim; however, this information may be critical to the amount you receive from an insurance […]

Determining the Degree of Fault

When you are in an accident, you deserve to be compensated for the injuries that you sustain. The amount that you receive will be based on many factors. These factors will consist of the amount of damage sustained to you as well as your vehicle, but most importantly, who is at fault for the accident. […]

Holiday Season and DUIs

For most people, holidays are special. This is the time of year where families gather together, and friends alike, to celebrate and be festive. For others, the holiday season can be a depressing and stressful time of the year. No matter which side of the spectrum you may fall, drinking may be a part of […]

Have You Been Denied Emergency Treatment?


Accidents are going to happen. Some accidents are considered small that only requires a Band-Aid, while other accidents can require much more, such as emergency treatment. For some, if emergency treatment is needed, they go to the hospital without worrying as much about their treatment of care or whether they will be treated at all […]