Can I Change My Child’s Last Name?

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Sometimes, what we think we want turns out not to be what we want at all. This “want” can range from employment and living arrangements to changing a name. As it pertains to changing your child’s last name, there may be several reasons why you would want to make such a big change. You may […]

Nondisclosure of Assets in Birmingham

For most people, divorcing someone that you thought you would spend your entire life with can be difficult. Having to determine custody if there are children involved, as well as having to divide up marital assets and losses can be difficult to overcome. These situations can be made easier when both divorcing spouses have come […]

Birmingham Grandparent Visitation: FAQ

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Grandparent visitation rights are governed by Alabama Code § 30-3-4.2 (2016). Essentially, the law protects the primacy of a parent’s right to deny visitation with a grandchild, but allows a grandparent to challenge that denial under some circumstances.The previous version of the law was struck down by the Alabama Supreme Court as being unconstitutional. The […]

Can I Seek Back Child Support?

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When you and your spouse decide to have a child, you do not expect to have to take care of that child alone. You expect your child’s other parent to do his or her part in raising that child, not only physically, but financially, as well. When this does not happen, you, as the custodial […]

How to File a Protection from Abuse Order in Alabama

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Most people choose to go through life staying out of harm’s way, finding the person they love and providing for their family. However, there are times when harm comes to you by means of your significant other. In these unfortunate circumstances, you have the right to protect yourself from harm by filing a Protection from […]

Same-Sex Couples and Adoption In Alabama

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One of the many joys of finding love is not only choosing to spend a lifetime with that person but also being able to raise a child or children together. Those who are unable to conceive a child of their own have the option of adopting a child or finding a surrogate mother to help […]

Protective Orders In Alabama: What You Need To Know

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If you have been harmed by someone close to you, you know what it is like to truly fear for your safety. You may choose to avoid certain people, situations, and places for fear that you will encounter the person who abused you and will be harmed again. However, you should not and do not […]

Is Alabama a Common-Law Marriage State?

There is nothing worse than when your loved one is sick or dying, not having the power to do anything about it. If this loved one is someone whom you have been in a relationship with for years or decades, then this could be a huge problem. This problem often comes in the form of […]

Considering a Prenuptial Agreement in Alabama?

Marriage, it’s a beautiful thing. Though some people may feel nervous going into marriage, it affords them the chance to share their lives with the person they love. Though there may be several good reasons or someone to be anxious about marriage, one main reason is that his or her net worth is more than […]

[VIDEO] Legal Speak: Grandparents Visitation Rights

If you have want to learn more about Grandparents Visitation Rights, please watch Partner Anne Lamkin Durward’s recent appearance on Legal Speak which aired on Charter Channel 80. Many thanks to Kim Davidson and Tommy Carmichael for inviting Anne to appear. LEGAL SPEAK TRANSCRIPT Legal Speak is an exclusive presentation of the Alabama Cable network […]