What You Need to Know about DUI Checkpoints

We have all been through them and they are always frightening: checkpoints. Even if you have no care in the world, insurance is top notch, there are no drugs or alcohol in your vehicle, your kids are strapped tight, it can still be overwhelming to go through a checkpoint. Though this is the case, there […]

Have You Been Denied Emergency Treatment?


Accidents are going to happen. Some accidents are considered small that only requires a Band-Aid, while other accidents can require much more, such as emergency treatment. For some, if emergency treatment is needed, they go to the hospital without worrying as much about their treatment of care or whether they will be treated at all […]

Driving on a Suspended License in Birmingham

Driving is important. It gets us back and forth to school, work, soccer practice and the list goes on. The problem comes when your license has been suspended. When your license is suspended, life does not stop. School continues, work continues, and those soccer practices, well, they continue as well. However, driving on a suspended […]


Protecting Your Interests, Business, Property & Rights If you, ‚Äčor someone you love, has ever taken, or are currently taking Xarelto, and experienced any complications afterwards, including organ failure or death, please contact our firm. Xarelto is an anti-clotting medication. However, it can cause uncontrolled bleeding. Usually prescribed for folks with atrial fibrillation, deep vein thrombosis, […]