Holiday Season and DUIs

photo of a policeman holding a breathalyzerFor most people, holidays are special. This is the time of year where families gather together, and friends alike, to celebrate and be festive. For others, the holiday season can be a depressing and stressful time of the year. No matter which side of the spectrum you may fall, drinking may be a part of your holiday season. Drinking in your home or a place that you will be stationary is fine, however, the problem occurs when you drink and decide to drive.

The holiday season increases the number of accidents that occur and there is an increase in DUIs and sobriety checkpoints at this time. Because of the significance that drinking and driving can impact your life, it is invaluable to seek legal representation and advice if you receive a DUI this holiday season. If you or a loved one have been charged with a DUI this holiday season, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced Birmingham criminal law attorney so that we can strategize about the best possible outcomes for your situation.

The Consequences of a DUI

Right after Thanksgiving and into the New Year, there is a dramatic increase in DUIs that occur not only in Alabama, but throughout the United States. Also, in Alabama, there is an increase in alcohol related accidents and in recent years, Alabama has seen a significant increase in alcohol related deaths. However, in Alabama, receiving a DUI this holiday season could be bad for your New Year. In Alabama, your first DUI will result in fines, as well as your license being suspended for 90 days.

Upon your second offense, you will receive up to five days in jail, fines, as well as 1 year of license suspension. And upon your third DUI you will receive up to 60 days in jail, fines as well as three years of license suspension. It is important to note, that Alabama also has an implied consent law whereas if you refuse to submit to a sobriety test you will receive automatic fines and suspensions of your license. Because of the importance of this, please think before drinking and driving and if you receive a DUI consult an attorney immediately.

Get Legal Help

Though the holiday season is a great time to enjoy family and friends, as well as to attend holiday parties, it is best to do so safely. Receiving a DUI at any time, but especially during the holidays, can greatly impact your life for the worse, from losing your job to losing your license. Because all situations are different, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced Birmingham personal injury attorney at Massey, Stotser, & Nichols, PC to help you with your case. Contact our office today!

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