Each month, we will be spotlighting a couple of our employees so that you can learn more about them personally,
and their accomplishments.

Jeff Sherrer

Jeff Sherrer, Partner
Governmental, Real Estate, Probate, Domestic Relations, Criminal Defense

Jeff Sherrer has been the county attorney for Blount County since 2007. His dad, who has practiced law in Oneonta since 1962, held the title before him but Jeff found himself gradually picking up some of his Dad’s work as the years passed. Jeff’s first eleven years as a lawyer were spent practicing law with his Dad in Oneonta in their general practice firm, Sherrer & Sherrer.

Even though his Dad was an attorney, Jeff didn’t automatically decide to follow in his footsteps. Having moved to Tuscaloosa to go to college at the University of Alabama, he began work at a men’s clothing store there while a student. Actually enjoying his work at the clothing store, he went on to work in some other sales jobs, and was actually 30 years old when he started law school, taking classes at night and continuing to work.

Handling a county’s legal matters involves more than most people might think. “There’s always something different that needs my attention and it runs the gamut. Personal injuries, worker’s compensation, employment issue, contracts…governmental and municipal work can involve so many matters.”

In 2011, he ran into Randy Nichols, one of the senior partners at Massey Stotser & Nichols. Jeff had often joked that if Randy ever wanted to merge with a big-time Blount County law firm to give him a call. Turns out Randy took him seriously, and they talked for several months and ended up working things out so that in May of 2012, Sherrer & Sherrer, P.C. merged with Massey, Stotser & Nichols, P.C.  Jeff still spends most of his time in Oneonta and about a day a week in the Trussville office.

jeff2Like many Alabamians, Jeff is a big Alabama fan and was raised up to be a devout one. He recalls being a little boy, first going to the games around age 5 or 6, before the games were on TV (yes, lots of us are old enough to remember that!), in the days of Bear Bryant, and his Dad, an avid Crimson Tide fan, would pack him up and they’d go to the games. He’s still a big Alabama fan, has season tickets, and tries to attend as many games as possible. Married with two sons, Jeff likes to spend as much time as he can with his family. “And, I’m thinking about learning to play golf,” he says.

Roll Tide!